4 week coaching programme


HAve you..?

Been going around in circles trying to quit alcohol?

Have tried ‘everything’ but still feel that pull?

Been sober for a short while but have little or no confidence that it will stick in the long term?

Get frustrated and angry with yourself at your lack of progress?

Wish that you could wake up tomorrow and just know what you need to do to stop drinking?

Know you are beginning to negotiate with yourself about drinking again, but your heart knows you don’t want to?

Know that your drinking isn’t out of hand but it certainly isn’t making your life better? 

Yes? Read on….


one to one coaching

During your 4 week programme you will:

Identify the areas of your life that need the most work – it may not be alcohol!!! 

Get to the bottom of your self-sabotaging behaviour and come up with strategies to do better next time. 

Be inspired to make changes that will help you create the life you deserve. 

Be held accountable each week for the actions you agreed to undertake. 

Be listened to and supported with love, compassion and non-judgement.


About me

Hello there, my name is Jules and I am a coach, meditator, journaler and passionately sober woman from Newcastle upon Tyne in the UK.

In 2017 I gave up drinking alcohol after a 40 year love/hate relationship with it after realising that I had been journaling about my alcohol consumption, subconsciously, for months.

I have learned so much about myself since I became alcohol free. I have conquered those life-long demons that have clung to my soul since childhood and every day I wake with excitement and happy anticipation of the future ahead of me. This transformation is possible for you too.

My mission is to help and support every woman who wants to live her life without alcohol. I can help you unlock your true self.



“If you’re feeling that life is a struggle or just not as optimal as it could be then I would without a doubt highly recommend taking part in coaching sessions with Jules Rutherford. It’s really worth regularly taking stock of how you’re feeling both physically and mentally.  Jules is kind and empathetic in nature and you can’t help but want to do well for her, just like a great teacher!

In the sessions you score each area of your life, check where changes can be planned and create actions to take steps in the right direction to improve each area. Jules opened up my eyes to the world of self-development and self-improvement without ever directly telling me what to do but through providing me with the tools, motivation and insight to immerse myself in new habits and life style changes.

Jules is an inspirational and enthusiastic coach who I trust implicitly. Most importantly she works for the love of people and also has a fantastic capacity to self coach which shines through in her sessions. When someone is constantly working to improve their own life and is willing to share that wisdom and passion with you then you must grab the opportunity with both hands!”


How it works

Your sessions will begin using tried and trusted coaching methodologies. 

We will begin with the Coaching Wheel which I have adapted for Sobersistas to include your relationship with alcohol. We will look at the 8 most important areas of your life and identify the ones that need the most attention. Sometimes it’s not your relationship with alcohol that needs to be dealt with first so we will look at your priority areas first. 

Feeling overwhelmed at where to start is common so we will also look at those areas of your life that are more likely to naturally improve as you spend more time sober. This will give you the confidence to work your priority areas, knowing that other areas of your life will get better with time. 

Each week you will choose a number of actions that you want to carry out that will support your sobriety. You will have access to me via Whatsapp during our time together and beyond – I will never abandon you. 



“Jules is an amazing Coach – she just “gets” it. I’ve done a lot of self-development work over the years and have seen a couple of coaches, but somehow, I never managed to change and work towards my dreams and goals consistently.

Jules managed to get to the bottom of what was blocking me and now I’m finding everything so much easier and enjoyable. The coaching has made a massive difference to me.

Jules is such a lovely mixture of practical action and emotional breakthroughs, while looking after your spiritual side if you so wish. I highly recommend Jules as my Coach of choice. Thank you, Jules.”



“Back in April this year, I started my one to one session’s with Jules. I was in a bad place and had lots going on.

Jules sent me the resources to use and we started our sessions. Instantly I started to claim back myself.

I had the seeds to plant and Jules was my watering can. With her help I ended up with a plan, mentally in a better place and starting my road to a new me.

I loved her calm manner and reassurance that I could do it if I put my mind to it.  I cannot thank Jules enough for all the help she gave me.

We are now in June and I’ve put the plan we made into action. I’m still walking towards my brighter future and loving it. The tensions I had carried when we first started our sessions melted away and I’m continuing on my journey to a sober me, more fulfilled and in a good place.

Jules is a wise woman and I shall always be very grateful to her.”


during our time together

As part of your coaching package you will receive 2 months free membership of Sobersistas Membership Group. This way you will not only have my support but also the support of your Sobersistas. You can read all about the amazing benefits HERE. 

My coaching style is based on love and compassion, however, that doesn’t mean you’ll get an easy time of it!! I am not here to be your friend (although that would be lovely if you like!), I am here to make sure you are being honest, committing to things that you really can achieve and also to make sure you achieve them. 

My primary goal is to help you completely change your mind about alcohol and what it brings to your life. I am ridiculously enthusiastic about sobriety so be prepared!

You will have access to me via Whatsapp during our time together and beyond – I will never abandon you. 



“I told Jules at the start of coaching I was a bit (a lot!) lost, I had been able to stop drinking but not maintain it and I was so disappointed with myself.

Through speaking with Jules I realised I wasn’t making the changes to have the fantastic sober life Jules so enthusiastically talks about.

With her support and guidance, including the recommendation of Wayne Dyer and Brene Brown books I am at last on track.

I’ve got a difficult relationship to deal with, but I now journal those thoughts and feelings. I feel I’m able to cope with what life throws at me. I’m learning to recognise my feelings and not just want to drown them in alcohol but actually face them and work out what’s going on in my head.

Thank you so much. I know I wouldn’t have reached my 10 weeks yesterday without this.”


coaching is not…

A girlie chat with your best mate who never holds you accountable for your choices. 

Inflexible – if the coaching wheel format works for you, great – if not, great. We will work on what you need to work on. 

Unstructured – I keep to a structure for your sessions based on the GROW coaching model developed by Sir John Whitmore. We will follow this model but if we need to divert then we can: 

  • GOAL – What do you want? 
  • Reality – Where are you now?
  • Options – What could you do?
  • Will – What will you do? 

Business or work coaching – however, I have 25 years of senior management and leadership experience so if this is your priority that’s fine. If you would like to talk to me separately about this feel free to drop me a message by CLICKING HERE.



“I’m one of those people that people go to for help, not the other way around. I’m a holistic therapist and I have spent the past 20 years trying to help people.

I’m rubbish accepting advice if I don’t think the person giving it knows what they are talking about. They might have the piece of paper, but do they have the life experience to back it up?

Everything was going just fine in my life, or so I thought, until I was accused of being a “narcissistic alcoholic” by my daughter.  I was told I only buy love and don’t give it – plus a whole lot worse.  My whole belief system and my self-belief was blown to smithereens.  I honestly believed that I was a good person, trying my best to make a difference and help people.

I was so shocked at what I was hearing, I decided that I never ever wanted anyone to have any ammunition against me to accuse me of being an alcoholic, which I knew I wasn’t, but I also knew the only way possible to do this was to give up alcohol completely.

I joined Sobersistas and was blown away by how down to earth and straight talking Jules is. I gave up drinking immediately.

I can honestly say, Jules definitely has the life experience and a fabulous down to earth manner.  It felt like I was talking things through with a really good mate.

By the end of the 4 weeks my relationships had improved – because I had set boundaries and stopped responding in the same way as I previously had, thanks to some great advice. What is it they say about if nothing changes, nothing changes?

I started practicing my guitar and finally committed to an NLP course that I had signed up to.

Jules didn’t help with just one thing – she helped me get my life to a way better place. I can recommend Jules without reservation, whatever area of your life you need help with.”