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Living life without alcohol does have its challenges but can be much easier than you think. When you have the full support of your Sobersistas in the membership group you will learn how amazing a sober life actually is. If you want to work with me on a one to one basis I will support you to find the life you truly deserve without alcohol. 


About me

Hello there, my name is Jules and I am a coach, meditator, journaler and passionately sober woman from Newcastle upon Tyne in the UK.

In 2017 I gave up drinking alcohol after a 40 year love/hate relationship with it after realising that I had been journaling about my alcohol consumption, subconsciously, for months.

I have learned so much about myself since I became alcohol free. I have conquered those life-long demons that have clung to my soul since childhood and every day I wake with excitement and happy anticipation of the future ahead of me. This transformation is possible for you too.

My mission is to help and support every woman who wants to live her life without alcohol. I can help you unlock your true self.