Sobersistas Membership Group

Sobersistas Membership Group is a private membership group of women just like you who drink too much and are ready to explore a sober life. This loving, supportive and compassionate community of amazing women who will hold you up in your low moments and be your cheerleaders on your great days.

You will have access to courses, workbooks, videos and monthly,  live sessions with me, guest experts, plus, you will become a member of Sobersistas Membership Group where you can connect and be supported by your fellow Sobersistas.


Is this you?

Have you lost count of the number of ‘Day Ones’ you’ve had and are sick and tired of resetting your sober app?

Are you sober but have very little, or any, confidence that you can maintain your sobriety? 

Have you been thinking about giving up but are too scared to commit?

Are you drinking to hide from your relationship?

Do you think a sober life will be boring?

Does your drinking make you feel isolated and scared?

Is your drinking the barrier to being brilliant at your job or stopping you from getting that promotion you know you deserve?

If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to any of those questions then I have created Sobersistas Membership Group just for you.


What if…

You learned, that with my support, giving up alcohol was easier than you thought?

You learned how to live a sober life so that you can make your dreams come true?

You woke up every day feeling bright, fresh, full of energy and ready to take on the world?

You became a happier partner, mother, daughter and friend?

You gained back at least 20 hours of your time a week and saved £$£$£$£’s?

You had the energy to take on those projects you’ve been putting off for years?

You finally got that promotion or new job that you’ve always known you truly deserved?

Your self-esteem and confidence naturally levelled up so that loving yourself became easy?


About me

Hello there, my name is Jules and I am a coach, meditator, journaler and passionately sober woman from Newcastle upon Tyne in the UK.

In 2017 I gave up drinking alcohol after a 40 year love/hate relationship with it after realising that I had been journaling about my alcohol consumption, subconsciously, for months.

I have learned so much about myself since I became alcohol free. I have conquered those life-long demons that have clung to my soul since childhood and I can see a future for myself that fills me with hope and happiness. This transformation is possible for you too.

My mission is to help and support every woman who wants to live her life without alcohol. I can help you unlock your true self.



100% privacy – your community is held in a private group in Facebook. 

Day One and Beyond 30-day course containing a daily video from me as well as journal prompts, affirmations and much more.

Workbooks and resources to help you create and maintain a positive mindset

Daily inspiration to help keep you on track

Weekly, in-depth articles on topics to help you gain a deeper understanding of your relationship with alcohol



“I am 13 months sober and have been accepted, encouraged and supported by Jules and the members of the group to get to this stage.

As a heavy drinker since my teens, I have tried to cut down in the past but the video calls, workbooks, one to one support and prompts in this group along with encouraging responses when I’ve reached out have made me re-evaluate my relationship with alcohol and acknowledge my problem.

I stopped drinking several times before this 13 month sobriety and each time I returned to the group to discuss my slip ups, I’ve been treated gently and kindly with positive support to try again when I’ve been ready. Challenging and questioning responses have really made me think about why I drank and helped me to begin a sober life I love.

I cannot recommend this group highly enough. Jules has experience and insight and provides all the tools needed for a change of direction.”




Sobersistas Membership Group is a safe and trusted space for those of us who want to be alcohol free in life.

They say that stopping drinking is the easy part, it’s what happens next in life which is the struggle and for me, the membership group provides the extra support and narrative in this next chapter.

It’s good to be surrounded by likeminded women going through the same experiences as you; both the good and the bad.

Jules is a wonderful mentor, with a wealth of experience and knowledge. She is always there for the ladies in the group when needed.”



Sobersistas Stories – in-depth stories from women just like you who will share their journey to show you that a sober life is achievable and life-changing.

Monthly Live coaching sessions every month on Zoom, dealing with the issues that matter to you.

Guest expert sessions so that we can dive deep into the topics that will add to your sober toolkit.

Sobersistas Membership Group on Facebook – one of the most important things about Sobersistas is the unparalleled daily support you will receive from myself and your fellow sisters.



“I first joined Sobersistas in April 2018. I was drinking a litre of vodka daily, I was terrified, I was killing myself yet I still couldn’t stop. I was a broken woman. I lurked in the group, I didn’t post often. But just being part of a group of like-minded women brought me immeasurable comfort.
I’m so confident in my sobriety and the way I’ve grown these past 10 months sometimes I have to pinch myself. I want to thank each and every one of you for being such a massive part of my journey. And Jules, you truly are 1 in a million and I’ll never ever forget everything you’ve done for me ❤.
I’ve never looked back, never had an urge or craving or thought I’m missing out. I’ve got my life back and a whole lot more. Courage to walk away from a marriage that was dead long ago. Drinking me thought I couldn’t be alone so I just put up with it and all the abuse that came with it. I now live alone and love it. Ladies, I love you all. Jules thank you. xx” JC

Are you ready to transform your life?

Member numbers are limited so that I can work with you on a one to one basis, so join now to guarantee your place. 




The daily support not from just Jules but the other members is absolutely priceless. For the first time in quite a few years, I feel I have a chance to make sobriety work. X”


“Jules! I couldn’t have done this without you and my Sobersistas. I realized that I have had anxiety since childhood, which ended up as an eating disorder then drinking to suppress my fears. Your live video on irritability was spot on! It’s okay to get angry! I am now learning to face my fears in constructive ways rather than burying them in beer. I feel confident that I can move on with my life in a much more peaceful and happy way. I will stay with the group, so am not disappearing. Lots of love to you all!!”




Sobersistas Membership Group Forum is held in a private Facebook group where only members can see posts.


Unparalleled daily support you will receive from myself and your fellow Sobersistas.


Join me and your fellow Sobersistas every month for live coaching on a sobriety related topic.

30 Day Course

Video course to support you through your first 30 days of sobriety with daily tasks and affirmations.

Sobersistas Stories

Stories from women just like you who will share their journey to show you that a sober life is achievable.


Designed to help you create and maintain a positive mindset and support your sobriety journey.


Guest experts focussing on their specialist area to help support the whole of your life, not just sobriety.


Blogs, journal prompts and more to help you maintain your momentum and to inspire you.




Are you ready to transform your life?

Member numbers are limited so that I can work with you on a one to one basis, so join now to guarantee your place.