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If you believe that life without alcohol will be unfulfilling, grey and unrelentingly dull, then this webinar is for you. 

I will show you tools that you can use every day to make sure you not only uncover your dreams, but how you can stay on track and start living the life you truly deserve. 


30 day tracker

Your 30 Day Tracker will help you stay focussed on your journey to sobriety and give you the inspiration you need to succeed. Included in this workbook are:

Prompts to help you prepare for a successful month. 

Questions to help you discover a different perspective about your life and your relationship with alcohol. 

Each day you will record one word about how you’re feeling so that you can see the improvement in your emotions and mindset as the month progresses.

A feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment that will show you just how amazing you truly are. 


Trigger Diary

Use your Trigger Diary to get clear about all of the elements that trigger you to want to drink. 

Is it people, places, situations, stress or simply habit that makes you reach for the bottle? 

Knowledge is power so once you understand what your triggers are you can make adjustments and plan for them. 

The knowledge that you gain from using this will give you the power you need to make changes. 

Your Last Day One

Your Last Day One is a 32 page workbook that will give you plenty of food for thought about what is stopping you from giving up alcohol for good. 

Inside you will find the inspiration you need to make your final decision, to get clear about your Big Why and which path you need to take towards sobriety. 

You will find helpful information about overcoming your fears of giving up, the time and money you spend on alcohol and what to do with it. 

Other topics covered are relationships, detoxing, how to deal with other people, the future and so much more. 



Take an entirely positive approach to readying yourself for your sobriety.

In your Sober Support Pack you will find affirmations to cut out and use as constant reminders. 

You will also be given the chance to write out, in detail, the sober future you crave. 

I know you know yourself well enough to ask the right questions when you are struggling. You will be able to record them and keep them close by for those moments when you need them. 

Taking an inspired, positive approach to your sobriety will help you make the positive mindset shift you need to make to succeed. 


journaling for sobriety

Learn Journaling techniques and how to use journaling to support your sobriety.This mini-course PDF contains:

  • Journaling prompts designed to help you get clear about your relationship with alcohol
  • Tools and Tips for successful journaling
  • An easy to follow Daily Format that will help you form a good daily journaling habit
  • A Weekly Check-In set of prompts to help you reflect on your week and help you plan for the following week
  • A Monthly Check-In to help you carry out a positive reflection of the last month
  • The perfect prompt for use when you are feeling triggered or unstable.

Need more help?

There are lots of other ways you can be supported in Sobersistas. 

I offer one to one 90 minute Laser Coaching sessions for those times when you’re struggling and just need some insight, support and some ideas on how to go forward. 

I have a private membership group here on my website where you are guaranteed your anonymity and can receive the daily support you need. 

I keep the numbers in the group low so that I have the time to help you personally when you need it and there are lots of other benefits too.