6 Tips To Help You Stay Sober When You Are Socialising And Networking

The pressure to drink with friends or at networking events can be immense but what if you want to stop drinking?

Often most of the thought goes into where to go, what to wear, what to eat and how to get there and back but not into the drinking aspect of the event. This is particularly common if you have been sober for a while and haven’t been struggling with your triggers and cravings.  I’ve created a free mini workbook to help you manage your triggers if you’re still not confidently there yet. Download it here.

Sometimes you will be doing so well that it doesn’t occur to you to be concerned that you might drink and then you’re there and someone puts a glass of wine in your hand and you’re done for.

just because your friends are drinking it doesn't mean you have to


But, with a little bit of forethought it’s quite easy to stay sober at meet ups with very little effort. Here are a few tips:


Spending a few minutes thinking about what your challenges will be, who might pressure you, how you will feel if you drink when you don’t want to, what you need to do to stay sober, will all help in getting you into the right mindset. If you feel confident, tell people ahead of time that you’re not drinking and ask for their support.


Lie about your reason for taking it if need be – the choice of what you put in your body is no-ones business but your own.


If you don’t want people asking why you’re drinking lime and soda and would prefer to have something that looks like alcohol in your hand you can try alcohol free alternatives. More and more venues stock alcohol free wine and beer, but to be sure just call ahead and ask. If they don’t stock anything suitable they will often invite you to bring your own and if they don’t, ask if you can. Alternatively, go to the bar by yourself and buy a tonic water. No-one will know.


Once most people are 3 to 4 drinks in it can be quite challenging to be around them when you’re sober. Pre-load your early exit excuse – again, lie if you don’t want to deal with any negative comments. Once they get past a certain point they won’t care if you’re there anyway.


Remember – you are not dealing drugs or selling children – you are simply not drinking alcohol and should be proud of the life affirming, healthy choice you are making. Tell the whole world that your sober life is f**king amazing and you are loving it. (And if you’re not quite there yet, just trust me, it is!)


I know this might seem a little extreme but seriously, if your friends only value your time and friendship in relation to alcohol, it really is time to get better friends. Try a different network to see if it’s less alcohol focussed and if you can’t find one, start your own sober network!

You’ll be blown away at how much real and genuine fun you will have at any event you attend, be it work, parties, family get togethers or networking. Staying sober will allow you to connect authentically with others, crack funny jokes, leave with your dignity intact and wake up with no hangover the next day. Plus, if it’s been a special event you will have memories that you will cherish and not be ashamed of.

Thanks for reading!

Much love always, Jules xxx

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