Find out how a basket can help you with your cravings

When your cravings hit you, in that moment, they can feel overwhelming and like you will never be able to get through the feeling without giving in.

The most important thing to remember about cravings is that they pass. On average it takes about 10-15 minutes or so. Of course, the challenge is what do you do during those 15 minutes without driving yourself crazy?

If you do a little bit of planning, you can set yourself up with a basket and a few key items that will not only help you get through those few minutes but will help you with your MLT (most loving thing) approach to giving up.

Create a Project You Basket

A Project You Basket is filled with all of the things that you can do that will make you feel really good about yourself. Here is a picture of a few things that you could start filling your basket with:

How to Use Your Project You Basket



Slow down the rush of thoughts by writing out how you feel. You can create some necessary control and distance from your crazy monkey mind by journaling. Its incredibly powerful to see your thoughts in front of you and is sure to reveal something you previously weren’t aware of.  Start your journaling with…The reason I feel like drinking right now is because…


Read a book. It doesn’t have to be a quitlit book either. Something that’s a distraction might be better. It could be about health. I’m reading an excellent book by Jessie Inchauspe called Glucose Revolution. Of course, you could read a great novel that is really absorbing. I can always rely on Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen to transport me to another place and time. 


Take 15 minutes to sit quietly and meditate. Hold the beads in your hand and move one bead at a time through your fingers and focus on counting the beads. Start from one again if you lose count. If meditation isn’t your thing, try some mindful breathing to bring yourself into the present moment. You can also listen to a guided visualisation to help inspire you to stay sober. I created a Future You Guided Visualisation for that very reason. Listen Here. 


Put a huge dollop of hand cream onto your hands and give yourself a gentle hand massage. If you pump out around 3 times your usual amount it will take quite a while before it’s absorbed in. The great thing about this is that you can’t drink while you’re doing it.


Give yourself an at-home spa that will make you feel really special. Rehydrate your face, make your feet soft as a baby’s, give yourself a pedicure and paint your nails.


Create a dream jar. Get small pieces of paper and write all of your dreams on them, fold them up and put them in your jar. When you feel a craving happening, review your dreams and remind yourself of the reasons you want to stop drinking.


I think over the years I have created a gazillion free workbooks. They have all been created to help you deal with some aspect of Project You. You can check out my website page for the current freebies HERE.


You can also keep my journal in your basket too.

I created My 30 Day Sobriety Journal to help you with your first 30 sober days. It is jam-packed with content and for only £13.99 it’s the cost of a couple of bottles of wine or one bottle depending on your tastes – it’s a steal! Read more about it HERE.

Personalise your Project You Basket

There are lots of other things you can keep in your Project You Basket that will inspire you to ease yourself past your cravings. Here are some other ideas:
  • A bottle of water – when you’re craving, you may be dehydrated.
  • Chocolate or something healthier like nuts – sometimes you’re just hungry.
  • Sudoku – or other puzzle books.
  • Knitting – or crocheting or a mandala colouring book – anything that would keep your hands busy.

Location, Location, Location

Placing your basket in the right location is critical. There is no point in putting it by your bed if you are like me and don’t hang around in your bedroom. You could put it next to your usual sofa spot or under the coffee table if it’s in front of you. Take a few moments to think about where you do most of your drinking and what the best place for your basket will be. Find a spot that makes it easy to access it.

What’s in Your Project You Basket?

I would love to know what you would put in your Project You Basket. If you have a great idea, I would love to hear from you so that I can share it with your fellow Sobersistas. You can get in touch via

Much love always, Jules xxx