How A Marmalade Jar Can Support Your Sobriety Journey

This time of year is a great time for New Years Resolutions and generally getting clear about how you want the coming year to be. Without goals you will definitely end up somewhere at the end of the year, but without goals you could end up somewhere you didn’t intend to be! 

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Doing something to positively visualise what you want for your future has been shown to have incredible effects. 

Writing your goals and dreams down gives them additional power and just over a year ago I started a DREAMS JAR so that I can see all my dreams in one place. 

Marmalade Jar

All I did was wash out an old marmalade jar and put a sticker on the front. Nothing complicated. Obviously if you’re creative you can go to town on your design.

Mine sits on the shelf above my desk and in there are my dreams and some of them involve you. The more women I can help to live a brilliant sober life, the more my dreams will come true. There are also personal and family ones and crazy, out there ones that I know can come true. 

dreams on my shelf

Dreams Come True! 

Today I was tidying the office and realised I hadn’t looked at my Dream Jar in quite a while, so I popped off the lid and started reading them one by one. 

I was utterly blown away to discover that 4 of my dreams have come true! Three of them were related to the successful launch of my membership group and some other business objectives. 

However, I had totally forgotten about one of them which was very personal and almost cried when I realised it had come true. As I looked at all my other dreams I just knew that all of them will come true one day and I am doing everything I can to make that happen. 

Dream Jar

Your Dreams

Creating your own Dreams Jar can be an incredibly powerful way to help you get clear about what you want from sobriety and life in general. It’s really easy to focus on the practical task of giving up alcohol but that, for me, is only a tiny part of your story. 

When you are living an alcohol free life, you will have more money, more energy, better relationships, better sleep, less, if any, anxiety – the list is almost endless. What dreams could you fulfil with the gifts that sobriety will give you?

Most Loving Thing Jar

Alternatively, you could have an ‘MLT Jar’.

If you filled it with all of the Most Loving Things you can do for yourself when you are triggered and want to drink, it can be a source of immediate inspiration just when you need it. You could keep it in your kitchen if cooking time is your danger time, or anywhere that works for you.

Gratitude Jar

Alternatively, you could have a Gratitude Jar and fill it with the things you are grateful for. It doesn’t have to be every day of course, you could just pop one in there when you recognise something that sparks gratitude and appreciation in you. 

When you are feeling down you can take them out and read them when you need to remember why you are trying to get sober which will put you right where you need to be emotionally.

You can find your passion by living a sober life. What dreams are in your jar? What is the Most Loving Thing you can pop in your jar today? What are you most grateful for today? 

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Much love always, Jules xx

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